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Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus II Condor II with XDKR00GL Key Reader
Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus II Condor II with XDKR00GL Key Reader
Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus II Condor II with XDKR00GL Key Reader
Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus II Condor II with XDKR00GL Key Reader

Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus II Condor II with XDKR00GL Key Reader

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4 Key Reader: With Condor Mini Plus 2 Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus II Condor II with XDKR00GL Key Reader
  • Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus II and Key Reader Optical Key Bitting Recognition.
  • Key Reader Recognize Bitting Easily, an excellent tool to work with Condor II key cutting machine via WIFI.
  • Key Reader decodes Metal/ Plastic/ Aluminum Key.
  • Mini condor connected to key reader directly.

Product Description

Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus II 2nd Generation Key Cutting Machine

Xhorse Condor XC- Mini Plus II 2022 is the second generation of Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus 2020 automatic key-cutting machine. Driven by AI technology and 8 core processor, it performs better than its former edition.
Xhorse Condor XC- Mini Plus II is able to quickly and accurately identify almost all car keys, motorcycle keys, plastic keys, and aluminum keys while connecting to a key reader. It maintains excellent performance even under extreme weather. With Condor XC- Mini Plus II, users get a piece of art rather than a normal duplication result. It does not just simply complete the duplicate process. Xhorse Condor XC- Mini Plus II is a work of art but has the strong capability.
Xhorse Condor XC- Mini Plus II can produce super high precision processing results. The finished keys passed the precision test of the advanced optical instrument. The machine can deliver high accuracy processing results even after cutting over 150, 000 keys.
condor plus 2 cut key

Highlights of condor mini plus ii:
1. Support Car, Motorcycle, and Household keys.
2. Update online directly on mini plus ii.
3. Intelligent Indicator Light, 7' ' HD Touch Screen.
4. Key Blank Engraving
5.8-Core Process
6. Optical Key Bitting Recognition (Work with KEY READER)
7. All-purpose Clamps have Extraordinary Versatility
8. All Key Lost Solution
9. Key blank Engraving
10. Key Data Customization
11. Support Bluetooth and WiFi
12. Key 3D Preview

Condor Plus 2 Features:

8-core Processor

With an 8-core processor, Xhorse Condor XC- Mini Plus II can realize prompt response, faster running speed, and high resolution.
8-core processor

Intelligent Color Synchronization
This smart indicator light, assembled by the advance LED chips and lamp shade, seamlessly automates the color with the change of real-time working status,
ensures a stable light source and intelligent status indication with flicker-free illumination and long service time.

Red light – error warning Blue light – normal working Yellow light – info notification
indicator light

Smart 2-in-1 M5 Clamp and Multi-purpose Clamps
Condor XC-Mini Plus II is equipped with M5 and M3 clamps. M1, M2, and M4 clamps are options. The multifunctional clamps support a variety of key types such as side, track, tribe, F021& Citron SX9 keys, residential keys, etc.

M5 is a 2-in-1 clamp of M1& M2, supports 2-track external, channel track, standard single-sided, 4-track external, 4-track internal, standard double-sided, dimple key types. More convenient to be switched into M1& M2 clamps directly, no need to install or disassemble clamps over and over again.
M5 clamp
m3 clamp

Xhorse Key Reader:
Xhorse Key Reader is a professional and portable key identification device designed by Xhorse,
which is able to identify car keys (including plastic keys and aluminum keys) quickly and accurately on the market.
Users can obtain the specific key bitting and cut key directly via Xhorse APP or Xhorse key cutting machines.
This could avoid probe breaking and save much more effort for locksmiths.

Xhorse Key Reader Features:
1. Accurate and efficient identification of key bittings
2. Avoid Probe Breaking
3. Multiple Key Type Support: External / Internal Cut Keys, Plastic & Aluminum Key
4. Support APP Control, WIFI, and Bluetooth
5. Support All Key Cutting Machine
6. Free Update and Tech Support
7. Optical Imaging Technique in Key Bitting Reading
Optical Imaging in Keys Reading

Key Reader Made more accurate to identify key bitting
The optical identification system of the Key Reader designed by Xhorse is able to identify key data accurately and effectively within seconds.
Support APP and users can get key bitting without key cutting machines.
*Quick Identification
*Accurate Result
*Reliable Performance

Xhorse Key Reader Details:
Xhorse XDKP00GL Key Reader can track both external and internal key bitting.
Xhorse XDKP00GL Key Reader Identify External Key Bitting:
Key Reader Identify External Key Bitting
Key Reader Identify Internal Key Bitting
Package List:
Condor MINI Plus II:
  • 1pc x MINI PLUS II
  • 2pcs x Probing Tool
  • 1pc x 1.5mm Cutter
  • 1pc x 2.5mm Cutter
  • 1pc x Clamp M5
  • 1pc x Clamp M3
  • 1pc x Brush
  • 1pc x Screwdriver
  • 1pc x Key Blank
  • 1pc x Link Stopper
  • 1pc x User Manual
Key Reader:
  • 1pc x Key Reader Main Unit
  • 1pc x Power Adapter
  • 1pc x User Manual

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Customer Questions & Answers

Q:Question: Condor XC MINI Plus II can it cut house keys? Do you have a list of key supported? Answer this question
Yes, it can cut most of the house keys, and you can also cut house keys manually if there are no options.
By Xhousemall SELLER on March 23, 2023
Q:Question: Can the Xhorse Condor XC Mini Plus II be powered by a power bank? Answer this question
The machine has a 24V port.
By Xhousemall SELLER on March 19, 2023

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