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Xhorse VVDI PROG EEPROM Clip Adapter
Xhorse VVDI PROG EEPROM Clip Adapter
Xhorse VVDI PROG EEPROM Clip Adapter
Xhorse VVDI PROG EEPROM Clip Adapter
Xhorse VVDI PROG EEPROM Clip Adapter
Xhorse VVDI PROG EEPROM Clip Adapter
Xhorse VVDI PROG EEPROM Clip Adapter

Xhorse VVDI PROG EEPROM Clip Adapter

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Item Weight 100 Grams
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  • The Xhorse EEPROM Clip Adapter is designed for use with the VVDI Prog Programmer
  • No Soldering Required

Product Description


> > No Soldering Required
> > Support 24CXX, 25XXX, 93CX6, 93XS6, 95XXX, S29X90, ST95P0X .etc

Work with VVDI PROG, Carrier plate read and write EEPROM transponder pocked by SOP8 / DIP8

Add AT24C01(CLIP), AT24C02(CLIP), AT24C04(CLIP), AT24C08(CLIP), AT24C16(CLIP), AT24C32(CLIP), AT24C64(CLIP), AT24C128(CLIP), AT24C256(CLIP), AT24C512(CLIP), AT24C1024(CLIP), AT25010(CLIP), AT25020(CLIP), AT25040(CLIP), AT25080(CLIP), AT25160(CLIP), AT25320(CLIP), AT25640(CLIP), AT25128(CLIP), AT25256(CLIP), AT25512(CLIP), AT93C06[A](CLIP), AT93C46[A](CLIP), AT93C56[A](CLIP), AT93C57[A](CLIP), AT93C66[A](CLIP), AT93C76[A](CLIP), AT93C86[A](CLIP) options in < 1-EEPROM& FLASH> -> (Need EEPROM CLIP ADAPTER)
+ Add CAT24C / W01(CLIP), CAT24C / W02(CLIP), CAT24C / W04(CLIP), CAT24C / W08(CLIP), CAT24C / W16(CLIP), CAT24C / W32(CLIP), CAT24C / W64(CLIP), CAT25C128(CLIP), CAT25C256(CLIP), CAT93C46[A](CLIP), CAT93C56[A](CLIP), CAT93C57[A](CLIP), CAT93C66[A](CLIP), CAT93C76[A](CLIP), CAT93C86[A](CLIP) options in< 1-EEPROM& FLASH> -> (Need EEPROM CLIP ADAPTER)
+ Add XL[S]24C01(CLIP), XL[S]24C02(CLIP), XL[S]24C04(CLIP), XL[S]24C08(CLIP), XL[S]24C16(CLIP), XL[S]93C / LC06(CLIP), XL[S]93C / LC46(CLIP), XL[S]93C / LC56(CLIP), XL[S]93C / LC66(CLIP) options in < 1-EEPROM& FLASH> -> (Need EEPROM CLIP ADAPTER)
+ Add FM24C02(CLIP), FM24C03(CLIP), FM24C04(CLIP), FM24C08(CLIP), FM24C09(CLIP), FM24C16(CLIP), FM24C17(CLIP), FM93CS06(CLIP), FM93CS46(CLIP), FM93CS56(CLIP), FM93CS66(CLIP),
NM24C02(CLIP), NM24C03(CLIP), NM24C04(CLIP), NM24C05(CLIP), NM24C08(CLIP), NM24C09(CLIP), NM24C16(CLIP), NM24C17(CLIP), NM24U17(CLIP), NM24C32(CLIP), NM24C65(CLIP), NM93C06(CLIP),
NM93C46(CLIP), NM93C56(CLIP), NM93C66(CLIP), NM93C86(CLIP), NM93CS06(CLIP), NM93CS46(CLIP), NM93CS56(CLIP), NM93CS66(CLIP) options in < 1-EEPROM& FLASH> -> (Need EEPROM CLIP ADAPTER)
+ Add 24AA02(CLIP), 24AA04(CLIP), 24AA08(CLIP), 24AA16(CLIP), 24AA164(CLIP), 24AA32(CLIP), 24AA128(CLIP), 24AA256(CLIP), 24C02(CLIP), 24C04(CLIP), 24C32(CLIP), 24LC02(CLIP), 24LC04(CLIP),
24LC08(CLIP), 24LC16(CLIP), 24LC164(CLIP), 24LC32(CLIP), 24LC64(CLIP), 24LC65(CLIP), 24LC128(CLIP), 24LC256(CLIP), 93C / LC/AA46A(CLIP), 93C / LC/AA56A(CLIP), 93C / LC/AA66A(CLIP), 93C / LC/AA76A(CLIP), 93C / LC/AA86A(CLIP), 93C / LC/AA46B(CLIP), 93C / LC/AA56B(CLIP), 93C / LC/AA66B(CLIP), 93C / LC/AA76B(CLIP), 93C / LC/AA86B(CLIP), 93C / LC/AA46C(CLIP), 93C / LC/AA56C(CLIP), 93C / LC/AA66C(CLIP), 93C / LC/AA76C(CLIP), 93C / LC/AA86C(CLIP) options in< 1-EEPROM& FLASH> -> (Need EEPROM CLIP ADAPTER)
+ Add M24C01(CLIP), M24C02(CLIP), M24C04(CLIP), M24C08(CLIP), M24C16(CLIP), M24C32(CLIP), M24C64(CLIP), M24C128(CLIP), M24C256(CLIP), M24C512(CLIP), M93C06(CLIP), M93C46(CLIP),
M93C56(CLIP), M93C66(CLIP), M93C76(CLIP), M93C86(CLIP), M95010(CLIP), M95020(CLIP), M95040(CLIP), M95080(CLIP), M95160(CLIP), M95320(CLIP), M95640(CLIP), M95128(CLIP), M95256(CLIP),
M95512(CLIP), ST24C01(CLIP), ST24C02(CLIP), ST24C04(CLIP), ST24C08(CLIP), ST24C16(CLIP), ST24E16(CLIP), ST24E32(CLIP), ST24W02(CLIP), ST24W04(CLIP), ST24W08(CLIP), ST24W16(CLIP), ST25C01(CLIP), ST25C02(CLIP), ST25C04(CLIP), ST25C08(CLIP), ST25C16(CLIP), ST25E16(CLIP), ST25E32(CLIP), ST93CS56(CLIP), ST93CS57(CLIP), ST93CS66(CLIP), ST93CS67(CLIP), ST93CS47(CLIP),
ST93CS46(CLIP) options in < 1-EEPROM& FLASH> -> (Need EEPROM CLIP ADAPTER)
+ Add X24C01(CLIP), X5043(CLIP), X5045(CLIP) options in < 1-EEPROM& FLASH> -> (Need EEPROM CLIP ADAPTER)

VVDI PROG EEPROM CLIP Adapter Instruction:
Use appropriate CLIP CABLE to clip the chip, ensure reliable electrical connection. Some circuit need use the PROBE.

vvdi prog eeprom clip adapter instruction
Package List:
SOP8 Clip Cable
DIP8 Clip Cable
EEPROM Clip Adapter

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