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Xhorse VVDI MINI Prog Powerful Chip Programmer and 15pcs MINI PROG Solder-free Adapters
Xhorse VVDI MINI Prog Powerful Chip Programmer and 15pcs MINI PROG Solder-free Adapters
Xhorse VVDI MINI Prog Powerful Chip Programmer and 15pcs MINI PROG Solder-free Adapters

Xhorse VVDI MINI Prog Powerful Chip Programmer and 15pcs MINI PROG Solder-free Adapters

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2 Mini Prog: with 16pcs Mini Prog adapters Xhorse VVDI MINI Prog Powerful Chip Programmer and 15pcs MINI PROG Solder-free Adapters
  • Xhorse VVDI MINI Prog Powerful Chip Programmer
  • Plus 15pcs MINI PROG Solder-free Adapters

Product Description

Xhorse MINI PROG - The Most Powerful Chip Programmer AND 15PCS MINI PROG ADAPTERS

Xhorse MINI PROG Highlights:

1. Language: English, French, Spanish, Portugues, Chinese
For the rest language besides those 5, only xhorse local dealer can activate related language
For example: If you need the Russian language, only the xhorse Russia dealer can activate it for customers.
2. Portable and Easy to use: Professional smart programming device, that provides a portable chip programming solution
Handheld and independent device for reading and writing data.
The 3 different pin headers can be easily switched to read and write different chips and satisfy different demands
3. Store data without relying on a PC. For most 8-pin ICs, you can use a pressure contact to read and write data.
4. No need to remove the chip
No need to remove the chip / solder / cut the wire / lift the pin
Various special models will also be equipped with the corresponding adapter, such as the BMW CAS adapter
5. No need for soldering
Porsche BCM adapter without soldering, Land Rover adapter, etc. . . . .
(These adapter boards are also expected to work with VVDI PROG and VVDI Key Tool Plus).
6. No need to cut the wire
7. No need to lift the pin
8. Connected to your smartphone to intelligently complete the chip programming works via Bluetooth and WiFi.
9. Fast Speed Working: The smart screen on the top of the MINI PROG clearly shows the real-time working status.
10. Built-in battery and wireless data transmission, no need for external power supply and U disk to transfer data.

Xhorse VVDI MINI Prog

MINI PROG Main Functions
1. Directly read & write data without soldering
2. Support reading & writing EEPROM data
3. Support reading & writing ECU data
4. Accurately identify the pin connection status
5. Support repair of multiple modules
6. Connect to the APP via WiFi or Bluetooth; Connect to your smartphone (Android, IOS)
7. Support data local & cloud storage
8. Battery-powered device; Easy to use
More functions coming soon

A Legend Is Born
  • MINI PROG, Solder-free Programmer
  • New Era of Programming
  • Driven by Technology, MINI PROG Is Ready When You Are.

Solder-free Programming
  • EEPROM Reading & Writing
  • Dashboard Data Reading & Writing
  • Data Editing
  • Press Header
  • PIN Status Detection
  • APP Control
  • Cloud Backup
 Solder-free Programming

Leads a New Trend of Solder-free Programming
Designed to offer a Simple and Secure Programming Experience
traditional way of solder-free programming
  • Need to solder wire, complicated and time-consuming
  • Need to remove the chip and cut the wire which may lead to a car breakdown or data loss if you are not good at soldering
  • Data loss may be easily caused by solder skips

Highlights of MINI PROG:
  • No need to remove the chip / solder / cut the wire / lift the pin
  • No need to dismantle or cut the wire with no risk of damaging the PCB
  • Easy to use for green hands

Multi-module Reading & Writing
  • Convenience at hand with Connection Diagram

IMMO data reading & writing
  • BMW: BDC / CAS3 / CAS3+ / CAS4 / CAS4+ / FEM
IMMO data reading & writing

EEPROM reading & writing
Support reading and writing 24C× × , 93C× × , 95× × × , 25× × × etc. EEPROM data
Covering 95% of common EEPROM in market

ECU data reading & writing
Support reading & writing DFLASH and PFLASH of BMW, AUDI, VW
ECU data reading & writing

Dashboard data reading & writing

Support Honda, Kia, Hyundai, etc.
The support list above is displayed only partially and you can refer to the latest version of MINI PROG for the complete list.

Pin Header Reading Chip Directly, Pioneer in Industry
Pin Header Reading Chip Directly

The ultra-simple operation that adapts to you.
There is no need to remove the chip when reading.
All you need is to press the pin header at the appropriate chip and then you can read and write data on Xhorse APP.
ultra-simple operation
Pin Header 1 supports reading the DIP8 chip
Pin Header 2 supports reading SOP8 wide-type package chip
Pin Header 3 supports reading SOP8 standard package chip
pin head

Smart Detection
Detect Pin Connection Status with Great Accuracy
Your work is more secure.

MINI PROG supports pin status detection and will give notice when poor contact arises, which makes it easy to operate and avoid data loss and damage.Smart Detection

Multiple Solder-free Adapters Available(Optional)
Multiple Solder-free Adapters

BMW Adapters

BMW CAS3 / CAS3 + , CAS4 / CAS4 + , FRM, DB15-DB25 adapter(for EWS4 adapter only), D80 / 35080, ECU interface board kit

Porsche BCM



MB91F Dashboard Adapter
  • Honda FIT-H
  • Honda FIT-L
  • Hyundai SONATA
  • KIA K3
  • KIA K5
  • ECU Adapter
  • Remote Renew Adapter
  • 9S12XE cable
  • MCU cable
  • DB9 cable
  • 12V + 5V power adapter
  • Pin Header 4

All adapters and cables above are optional and are not included in the standard configuration.
You can contact the dealer for purchase if you need them.

MB91F Dashboard Adapter
High-tech made simple

APP Control With No Need to Use Computer Anymore

Download Xhorse APP and connect to your MINI PROG via Bluetooth or WiFi.
MINI PROG allows you to finish works like data reading, writing, and editing directly on your smartphone, providing greater convenience when working outside.

APP Control
Cloud Storage, Safer Than Ever
Data can be stored in Local Files as well as Cloud to ensure the safety of data, avoiding data loss caused by misconduct.
Cloud Storage

Professional Online Customer Service Available
More Functions Coming Soon

MINI PROG delivers firmware and database updating and functions adding from time to time. Stay tuned!
Log in to Xhorse APP and you can find related videos and technical articles that will help you transform from a green hand to an old hand.
Xhorse provides professional after-sale service and you can contact the technical support team on Xhorse APP to solve your problems.

Artfully Crafted
  • Sleek Design, Best-in-class Experience
  • Incredibly Light
  • Extremely Portable
  • Extraordinarily Convenient
  • MINI PROG weighs no more than 0.21kg and it' s easy to operate and carry.
  • It offers the perfect blend of form and function, fitting into any work environment.
Artfully Crafted


We hereby state that the trademarks or trade names mentioned in this document are the exclusive property of authorized manufacutures.
Said trademarks or trade names are nominated only for information so that our users can rapidly identify product information.
This document is reserved exclusively for professional locksmiths who use Xhorse products.

Xhorse Mini Prog Device Overview:
Xhorse Mini Prog Device Overview

Mini Prog VS Other Programming Devices
  XHORSE MINI PROG Other Programming Devices
Connect Connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth and WiFi. To enhance the working efficiency and reduce communication failures. Connect to the computer via a USB cable. You might easily get a vehicle breakdown due to the bad contact caused by the USB cable port.
Solder Support reading chip data without soldering. Solder to PCB, which may lead to a car breakdown or data loss if you are not good at soldering.
Wire connect No need to dismantle the device or cut the wire. A user-friendly device for both green hands and experts. Improper dismantling or cutting may increase the risk of car breakdown.
Pin Support pin detection and report when it detects any problems. Largely avoid data loss. Unable to check the status of pins and data loss may be easily caused due to solder skips.
Adapters Read & write most 8-pin ic chip data via its 3-pin headers directly without adapters. Adapter needed and you need to spend a lot on buying all types of adapters.
Reading Support multi-module reading & writing, such as EEPROM, ECU, etc. With this device, you can solve most of the problems you encounter at work. Support reading & writing a few modules only. You need to buy many devices to satisfy the needs of work.
Data Support data local & cloud storage, avoiding data loss due to misoperation. Data loss may arise due to a lack of cloud storage.
Battery The built-in battery ensures working without USB cables, saving a lot of trouble when you work outside. Inconvenient to work outside with a USB cable.
Backup Provide professional technical backup. Problems can be resolved on Xhorse App directly by Xhorse technicians. You can only seek help from the product dealer.

Xhorse Mini Prog Test Head and Cable / Adapter package:
  • 1pc x DB15 Cable
  • 1pc x EEPROM Adapter
  • 3pc x Pin Headers
  • Pin Header 1 supports reading the DIP8 chip
  • Pin Header 2 supports reading SOP8 wide-type package chip
  • Pin Header 3 supports reading SOP8 standard package chip

MINI PROG Solder-free Adapters 16pcs for MINI PROG and KEY TOOL PLUS

All adapters and cables are optional and are not included in the standard configuration

MINI PROG Solder-free Adapters 16pcs:
  • XDNPP1CH---5PCS for BMW
  • XDNPP2CH---3PCS for Volvo
  • XDNPP3CH---6PCS for Honda Toyota Hyundai
  • XDNP16CH---1PCS KVM for Land Rover
  • XDNP17CH--1PCS BCM for Porsche

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Skype: Sales@XhorseShop.us

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